On Monday night I went to go watch the love of my life Blake Griffin stomp on the Thunder at the Staples Center in LA. It was magical even before the dunk over Perkins that was heard around the world

So here’s the thing – I have always been a diehard Lakers fan and the love of my life used to be Kobe Bryant (disclaimer – I am not the reason Vanessa is divorcing him). But there is just something about the Clippers that is so lovable and so amazing and so enrapturing that I had to cheat on the Lake Show and switch sides. Naturally I spent precious time since Monday thinking about my transition to blue, red and white and I think I have figured it out. Yes I love CP3 (thank you Commissioner) and the tall and lanky DeAndre Jordan (he actually dunks more than Griffin… and those REBOUNDS… my goodness!). But there is something about the Blakester that makes me want to keep coming back for more. The thing is – I am not the only person that feels this way. Griffin is one loved dude right now in LA. So why does Griffin get all the love?

I talk to companies everyday who want more attention from the media and they want to know how to get it. What is it they can change? What can they do to get the media to call them for stories? How can they be more like Blake Griffin? I get this ALL THE TIME. So here’s the sizzle:

1. Be diverse. Don’t spend all your focus on twittering up the twiterverse or inundating reporters with static press releases they may or may not find interesting. Have a full court press attack toward press, bloggers, analysts, social media networks, etc. In order to “Griffinize” your company you need to have skillz in all areas of the game.

2. Have confidence. Next time Griffin puts a Perkins into submission notice the look on his face afterward – it is one of determination and dominance but very little arrogance. You respect him, you don’t hate him. He doesn’t slow down after a win because the momentum carries him forward and he capitalizes on it. Griffin’s dunk wasn’t until the 3rd quarter but he carried on the confidence that he is “the man” the rest of the game. He was on fire and so was the crowd.

3. Don’t be afraid to dunk. SPEAK OUT BIG PEOPLE! Be proud of what you do and let the world know. Always prep before you go out strong (I was impatient while Griffin warmed up and stretched for 15 minutes before we saw any action) but when you are ready come forward with a strong united front and tell the world (or tech/business/trade pubs) your story.

4. Have a personality. Blake is the poster boy for fun and entertainment in the world of basketball. Trust me, I know this even more after attending the Warriors vs. Kings game in Oakland last night after the Clippers vs. Thunder game in LA. It was a snooze-fest for me because the night before I was entertained from start to finish with dunks, assists, alley-oops and team camaraderie. The Blake Show mesmerized me so much that I can’t stop watching ESPN highlights on repeat. Griffinize your company by being fun interesting and consistent! Even if your technology is complex you can make it interesting – that’s what we are here for. Let us “Griffinize” you.